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Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

Stem Cell Therapy is very safe and does not require downtime or recovery time post-procedure. In fact, procedures are performed in office by our medical practitioners and patients are able to return to their normal lives the same day. With relatively no chance of response this is the quickest and safest way to restore our body to its prior youth and vitality.


Stem Cell Therapy has been around for quite some time, but due to high cost it was primarily used for recovery in athletes and the financial elite. However, with the progression of science and knowledge, stem cell therapy has become much more widely used and financially attainable.


How it works

​There are two ways to obtain Stem Cells, PRP or Mesenchymal.

​Two Methods, How to choose?

Understanding the difference and why you use Stem Cell will determine which one you choose.

As people age, their bodies no longer have the regenerative properties to attain the desired results from using their growth factors alone as with our PRP, or Plasma Rich Platelet, therapy. Although many patients will still yield improvement with the PRP alone, the magnitude of cytokines and growth factors in your blood as you age will deplete with age. By implementing stem cell therapy, the number of growth factors are exponential allowing our bodies to regenerate on a magnitude that is otherwise unattainable – with some results lasting for 3-5 years.

​Stop the Pain Now

Stem Cell therapy can reduce your pain regardless of which method you choose.

​What is PRP

PRP, or plasma rich platelets, are essentially your body’s own stem cells – derived from your blood, they are an all natural solution to a variety of problems. One of the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging, PRP therapy restores any aspect of your body to a younger, healthier state by stimulating cell and hair follicle growth, allowing you to regenerate that part of your body instead of using a short term treatment such as injectables for skin or hair plugs for thinning hair.

How Does it Work?

A technician will draw a small amount of your own blood which will then be placed in a centrifuge, where it is spun for 15 minutes to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The bottom layer of the serum is where the platelet rich plasma lies. The practitioner then draws this serum into several vials for injection into the desired region. Topical numbing cream is offered prior to the injection process, or our state of the art cryo freeze can be used during the procedure if the patient so desires it for maximal patient comfort.

Stem Cell Therapy can be used to restore vitality to the skin, encourage the growth of hair, and even restore sexual performance and pleasure.


As we age our collagen fibers begin to break down, allowing for the loss of elasticity and buoyancy – as these collagen fibers, which are responsible for our skins strength and structure begin to degrade our skin starts to wrinkle. Previously bright and vibrant skin becomes dull and thin…but all that can change!

With stem cell therapy we are able to revive dormant cells, potentiating new collagen fibers and restoring youth and elasticity to the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will fade as fat pads become rejuvenated, even acne scarring and microdamage to the skin will be restored as skins appearance and texture improve. Essentially stem cell therapy provides a natural face lift lasting up to 3-5 years – turn back time and restore your skins radiance and vibrancy.

Sexual Healing

​When we age our whole body is affected and performance can be impacted. For men, P-Shot combined with stem cell therapy is an excellent, long-term solution to decreased performance and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The P-shot with stem cell therapy can increase girth and length, restoring vascularization and nerve sensitivity for improved more powerful orgasms.

For women, the O-​shot is used to improve sexual performance and reverse the effects of sexual dysfunction so that sex is more pleasurable and comfortable. Utilizing stem cell therapy to strengthen the skin, increase natural lubrication, and restore sexual pleasure we are able to bring the passion back in your love life. Women also see improvement in incontinence as the muscles and tissue are restored. Orgasms are more powerful as sexual enjoyment is revived.


About 2/3rds of men experience hair loss According to the American Hair Loss Association, while about 40% of the hair loss population is comprised of women.

Hair loss is very common as we age, but can really have a significant impact on our confidence and performance. Just as the cells in our skin break down and lose strength over time, our hair follicles and scalp also degenerate.

Without the use of implants, creams, or medications we able to give you back the hair of yester years and fight the body’s mission to break down those cells, allowing hair to grow back fuller and thicker. Stem Cell Therapy saturates the area with new cells and awakens dormant hair follicles to begin growing again, restoring hair – and confidence – to its prior glory!

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